Hunt For Wolverine Adamantium Agenda #1 second print
Hunt For Wolverine Adamantium Agenda #1 second print, $3.99


(W) Tom Taylor
(A) R. B. Silva
(CA) Greg Land

SNIKT! A SOUND THAT ONCE MADE BLOOD RUN COLD, WHICH THE AVENGERS WANT TO ENSURE IS NEVER USED FOR EVIL AGAIN. Due to a promise made between heroes, the NEW AVENGERS have reassembled to make sure Logan's body isn't misused. IRON MAN, SPIDER-MAN, JESSICA JONES and LUKE CAGE discover a deep-state conspiracy that leads to a shocking DNA discovery and metallurgic miracle in the MARVEL UNIVERSE. Parental Advisory
Date Available: 05/09/2018

BONUS REVIEW by Kevin Healy

The Hunt for BenVereen continues. There are a group of heroes who owe him a debt. Since they're a married chunk of the current Defenders team, Spider-Man, and Iron Man, and since they're written by Tom Taylor (Injustice GAU), it is surprisingly entertaining.


No joke.

They do keep calling Mr. Vereen 'Logan' instead of 'Ben', but no one is perfect.

Are these Tom Taylor's tryout pages to take over Jessica Jones? If so, not bad at all.

I give it 7 out of 10 Grahams

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