Green Arrow #34 (2016) variant
Green Arrow #34 (2016) variant, $3.99


(W) Ben Percy
(A)Jamal Campbell
(CA)Mike Grell

'THE TRIAL OF TWO CITIES' part two! It's a revelation Ollie Queen could never have imagined, even in his darkest dreams. Long thought dead, his mother, Moira, is alive; she's a leader of the Ninth Circle; she's responsible for destroying Seattle; and because of Green Arrow, her partners are going to kill her. Moira needs Ollie's protection, not just from any assassin: she is the former lover of Moira's late husband. She is the mother of Ollie's half-sister, Emiko. She is Green Arrow's deadliest enemy. She is Shado.
Date Available: 11/01/2017

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