Grant Morrisons 18 Days TPB Vol 05 The Fall
Grant Morrisons 18 Days TPB Vol 05 The Fall, Out of Stock


(W) Sarwat Chadda, Grant Morrison
(A) Francesco Biagini, S. Sundarakannan
(CA) Mukesh Singh

From legendary creator Grant Morrison (Avatarex, All Star Superman, Batman & Robin, The Invisibles) comes the fifth volume in his epic creation, 18 Days! Since the start of the great war one force has dominated the battlefield: Bheeshma! To take back any hope of winning this war the Pandavas realize they have to find a way to stop the rampage of their grand-uncle but no warrior seems capable of felling him. However, Krishna has a plan in play with the mysterious warrior Shikhandi!
Date Available: 10/25/2017

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