Gideon Falls #10 cover a
Gideon Falls #10 cover a, $3.99


(W) Jeff Lemire
(A) Andrea Sorrentino, Dave Stewart
(CA) Andrea Sorrentino

'ORIGINAL SINS,' Part Four The past finally catches up to the present when Doc gives Father Fred a rather gruesome history of Gideon Falls. And if finding a needle in a haystack is impossible, what chance does Norton have of finding one in a giant garbage dump?
Date Available: 01/16/2019

BONUS REVIEW by Kevin Healy

The mystery box is fully open in Gideon Falls. The Black Barn, a place of great confusion, great sacrifice, and great evil, is rebuilt, reborn, and opened. What lies inside?

More mystery, it turns out. There is a Black Barn, it is in its original location, and it is opened. There is also a 2nd Black Barn, it is nowhere near the original location, and it too is opened.

The original, was filled with atrocities by a man named Norton Sinclair. The second has been opened by a man suffering from great mental atrocities named...Norton Sinclair?

Failing health, heart attacks, and innovative twisting layouts from Andrea Sorrentino and Jeff Lemire. If you think it would be fun to have Kirsty open a Lament Configuration at the same time that Pinhead is opening one, this book is for you. If you got that reference even in the slightest bit, this book is for you. It has such sights to show you.

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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