Gi Joe A Real American Hero Silent Option #4 cover a
Gi Joe A Real American Hero Silent Option #4 cover a, $4.99


(W) Larry Hama, Ryan Ferrier
(A) Netho Diaz, Kenneth Loh
(CA) Netho Diaz

'Silent Option,' Part 4! The mission is off the books and off the hook for Bombstrike and her covert team of G.I. JOE special operators-including new Snake Eyes, Dawn Moreno-as they battle human traffickers that have taken the enigmatic Agent Helix hostage. Join living legend Larry Hama and superstar artist Netho Diaz for the EXPLOSIVE FINALE of their latest team-up! Plus, Ryan Ferrier and Kenneth Loh conclude Helix's amazing origin tale in 'Codename: Helix,' Part 4! Explosive final issue! The return of breakout character Dawn Moreno (Snake Eyes) to the pages of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero! The introduction of Agent Helix to the G.I Joe: A Real American Hero universe! Each oversized issue includes the 20-page main story by the 'Dawn of the Arashikage' superstar creative team of Larry Hama and Netho Diaz, and a four-page backup 'Codename: Helix' origin story by Ryan Ferrier (G.I. Joe vs. Six Million Dollar Man) and Kenneth Loh (Dead Rising: Road to Fortune)!
Date Available: 12/26/2018

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