Ghoul #1
Ghoul #1, $4.50


Steve Niles (w) o Bernie Wrightson (a & c)
When Los Angeles Detective Lieutenant Lloyd Klimpt finds himself in the middle of a Hollywood mystery that falls way outside the norm, he knows he's going to need a different kind of help than he's used to. He finds it in the bizarre form of The Ghoul, a monstrous investigator with a reputation for solving the world's weirdest crimes. Written and created by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night), with art by industry legend Bernie Wrightson. Also included is an illustrated prose story by Niles.

Date Available: 11/11/2009


The Ghoul is not just what he appears. Yes, he is a monstrous, frightening beast. But behind the grotesque features dwells a regular dude; blunt, direct, relaxed, and casually hilarious with impeccable comedic timing. Working for the government as an investigator, he is an expert in his field – the supernatural. Step by step you find yourself laughing out loud at the unexpected frank sense of humor inhibited by the Ghoul. There is a softness behind his stony eyes, a beautiful balance between ogre and chum superbly captured by Bernie Wrightson’s edgy art. Possibly my favorite part of the series, the back-up, brings even more insight into the character, detailing his work with the fed and coming to terms with being a walking nightmare. Do not skip the brilliant back-up narrative entitled "My Ghoul" from the legendary Steve Niles.

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