Ghostbusters Annual 2017
Ghostbusters Annual 2017, $7.99


(W) Erik Burnham
(A) Dan Schoening & Various
(CA) Dan Schoening

Join us for this special double-sized annual, featuring Ghostbusters past, present... and future! Learn the origin of Slimer! Witness a crazy bust in the Midwest with the Chicago Ghostbusters! Find out what Winston Zeddemore was up to during the Scolari Brothers incident in Ghostbusters 2! And peek into the future at the next generation of Ghostbusters... and much more! Be there or be slimed!
The secret origin of Slimer and much more!
Part of IDW's 2017 Annual Offensive! Over-sized and action-packed key stories in a deluxe format!

Date Available: 01/18/2017

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