Further Adventures Of Nick Wilson #1 cover a
Further Adventures Of Nick Wilson #1 cover a, $3.99


(W) Eddie Gorodetsky, Marc Andreyko
(A) Steve Sadowski
(CA) Pete Woods

From Eisner and Emmy-winning writers! For a few years in his early 20s, Nick Wilson had super powers and all the acclaim associated with them. When those powers vanished, so did his fame, sending him from national hero to late-night punchline. By the time we pick up his story, he is not yet 30 and barely an answer in a trivia contest. Faced with a life in a rear-view mirror full of lost powers, faded glory, former enemies, ex-girlfriends, and forgotten grudges, Nick struggles to figure out who he is today. Packing on an extra 20 pounds and peering through a medicinal marijuana haze, he is trying to build a future when all that's left is just a man who hasn't been super for a very long time. These are THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF NICK WILSON.
Date Available: 01/17/2018

BONUS REVIEW by "Doc" Schaefer

Eddie Gorodetsky and Marc Andreyko has really given us a treat here. The tale of a super-hero who loses his powers while still at a young age is treated in a very realistic style. The best part is that this loss hasn't turned Nick Wilson into a total jerk. He's sweet and kind and generally wants to do the right thing. And the idea of the former super-hero posing as his own impersonator is truly clever. While not for everyone, this is a fascinating look at a nice guy, who got powers, lost those powers, and has to hide not from former villains wanting revenge but from people who just want to make fun of him.

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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