Flash Gordon 75TH Anniversary HC
Flash Gordon 75TH Anniversary HC, $19.99

The Anniversary Special features the work of some of the most legendary creators in recent comic book history. The stellar line up includes writers Joe Casey, Tom DeFalco, J.M. DeMatteis, Brendan Deneen, Jim Krueger, Denny O'Neill, and Len Wein and artists Mike Cavallaro, Pedro Delgado, Paul Green, Shanth Enjeti, Shawn McManus, Omaha Perez, and Joe Staton

The Anniversary Special takes place shortly after the events chronicled in FLASH GORDON #1-6, aka THE MERCY WARS, and shows what happens when Flash, exploring by himself in the mountains of Mongo, comes across a strange device that allows him to peer into Mongo's past. He discovers more than he ever imagined possible about both friends and enemies alike! BONUS REVIEW by JIMMY PS HAYES

I’m almost sick and tired of Arrden turning out such great product ever month. Here we go again! Another FANTASTIC Flash Gordon book. For just $15 you get a HARDCOVER with ALL NEW material. And you know the worst part? It’s GREAT!!!!! Nicely bookended by the regular creative team of Brenden Deneen and Paul Green, this books is basically a “Tales from Mongo” anthology. You learn origins of some of the characters in the classic Flash Gordon mythos, retold in a spectacular up to date fashion! Believe me, Mongo is NOT a nice place to visit and you DEFINTATELY wouldn’t want to live there!

I give it 10 out of 10 Grahams

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