FCBD 2017 DC Super Hero Girls Summer Olympus Preview
FCBD 2017 DC Super Hero Girls Summer Olympus Preview, $1.99


(W) Kel McDonald, Paul Tobin
(A) Yishan Li, Rachel Downing
(CA) Yishan Li

In our 2017 all-ages offering, you'll thrill to a monster-slaying, citizen-saving adventure with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sixteen-year-old Buffy is still learning her trade, and sometimes battles with demons and bad luck can erode a girl's confidence - and her ability to have high-school fun. #SlayerStruggleIsReal. Then, your favorite plants and zombies will take a time-traveling journey to the past, where they run into a devious sheriff. If they have to work together to rise to the sheriff's challenges, can they do it? It's Plants vs. Zombies vs. Sheriff Tarnation!
Date Available: 04/12/2017

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