FCBD 2011 Jake The Dreaming
FCBD 2011 Jake The Dreaming, $1.99

RADICAL PUBLISHING (W) Adam Freeman, Marc Bernardin (A) Andrew Jones

Welcome to Slumberton, population 5,000 and boring - but not to 12-year-old Jake. Every day during his mundane tasks of school, homework and chores, Jake falls into daydreams powered by his imagination of untold adventure where he battles fantastic creatures in an epic dreamscape. Life is normal for imaginative Jake until Slumberton's children start falling into permanent sleep. As Jake expands his imagination and discovers his hidden ability to travel through the dreams of others, it becomes clear that something is keeping the Slumberton children asleep. Whatever it is, Jake must master his newfound ability and harness his imagination to stop it before the whole of Slumberton is trapped in a perpetual nightmare.

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