FCBD 2010 Yow The John Stanly Library
FCBD 2010 Yow The John Stanly Library, $1.99

D+Q delivers another wholly original and boisterous FCBD issue that will entertain your newest customers and diehard fans of all ages. The best value for your FCBD budget -as it is sure to please the widest audience possible-is undoubtedly YOW! The John Stanley Library spotlighting the world's greatest all ages cartoonist, John Stanley, and one of today's best contemporary cartoonists and designers, Seth, who will design another strikingly gorgeous FCBD cover. YOW! will feature new stories from the John Stanley Library: Melvin Monster, Nancy and 13 Going On 18. Excitedly, YOW! will also showcase a story from the legendary one-shot Choo Choo Charlie and --get this-- a story with the iconic character Tubby from his offshoot solo series from Little Lulu! Like all of D+Q's previous FCBD issues, YOW! is sure to garner maximum exposure in mainstream media, is directly tied to the John Stanley Library available for retailers to sell, and perhaps may be the only FCBD issue to truly capture the festivity of FCBD while showcasing the talent and accessibility of the comic book medium. Talk about added value.

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