FCBD 2009 Archie Presents Mighty Archie Art Players
FCBD 2009 Archie Presents Mighty Archie Art Players, $1.99

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Ape Entertainment proudly presents five new, all-original all-ages short stories featuring fan favorites Go-Go Gorilla & the Jungle Crew, White Picket Fences, Femme Noir, and Ursula Wilde. Featured this issue are the first appearances of the high-octane, full-throttle super racing team of R.P.M., and the super-heroic might of the Elders of the RuneStone! Industry talents abound in this spectacular FCBD09 event issue!

Date Available: 05/02/2009


Archie comics have been a standard for well over 60 years. Sadly these books are overlooked even on a Free Comic Book Day. This years edition was a lot of fun. This years edition was a good mixture of "historical" and fairy tale stories. Instead of getting the usual wackiness of the gang at school or at play, the writers decided to put them in totally different situations. I personally enjoyed the two "historical" stories which were the old west and ancient Rome. One of the fairy tale stories was a take on the Snow White tale, while the other was a take on the mermaid tales. I always enjoy reading Archie books for it always reminds me of a simpler and more innocent time. I feel that every kid should read Archie books at least once in their lifetime. So the Free Comic Book Day don't forget to get this year's edition of Archie and maybe if you are lucky one of the stores might have previous years edition which were just as fun.

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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