FCBD 2006 Funny Book
FCBD 2006 Funny Book, $1.99

(W/A) Various

Fantagraphics' second-annual Free Comic Book spotlights a number of new releases for 2006, featuring comics by Jordan Crane (whose new series, Uptight, debuts in March), John Pham (whose new series, Sublife, debuts later this year), cover artist Mark Martin (creator of March's Runaway Comics), Michael Kupperman (whose Tales Designed to Thrizzle was the series debut hit of 2005), Martin Kellerman (the Swedish superstar behind Rocky: The Big Payback), Max (the Spanish cartoonist behind Bardín the Superrealist, certain to be one of the most talked-about graphic novels of 2006), Megan Kelso (creator of this month's Squirrel Mother), Joe Daly (a South African cartoonist who makes his U.S. debut this month with Scrublands), Jason, Johnny Ryan (Angry Youth Comics) and several other surprises.

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