Fantastic Four #2 (2018)
Fantastic Four #2 (2018), $4.50


(W) Dan Slott
(A) Skottie Young & Various
(CA) Esad Ribic

WISH YOU WERE HERE! What have Reed, Sue and the kids been up to all this time? What adventures have they been on? What strange new friends have they found along the way? What deadly new enemies have they made? And what are Franklin and Valeria's new codenames? All these questions will be answered... just in time for ENTIRE UNIVERSES TO DIE! The return of Marvel's First Family keeps getting more and more intense! Don't you dare miss a single moment of the World's Greatest Comic Magazine! Rated T
Date Available: 09/12/2018

BONUS REVIEW by Kevin Healy

MUCH better than the first issue, features the Fantastic Four, explains where and what has been going on, eliminates the possibility for another Secret War, has a far too powerful new villain from nowhere, and is not as ugly as the first issue.

A mixed bag, but a better mixed bag, with some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (even though all the Reeses are gone) and fewer Mr. Goodbars. You WILL leave this issue wanting to see what's next.

I give it 7 out of 10 Grahams

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