Fallen Angels #1 (2019) bagley every mutant ever variant
Fallen Angels #1 (2019) bagley every mutant ever variant, $4.99


(W) Bryan Edward Hill
(A) Szymon Kudranski
(CA) Mark Bagley

THE DAWN DOES NOT BREAK FOR ALL! Psylocke finds herself in this new world of Mutantkind unsure of her place in it… but when a face from her past returns only tbe killed, she seeks help from others whfeel similar tget vengeance. Cable and X-23 join Kwannon for a personal mission that could jeopardize all Mutantkind! Rated T+
Date Available: 11/13/2019

BONUS REVIEW by Luis Barajas

Psylocke has finally gotten her body back finding herself on the peaceful Krakoa home for all mutants, but someone who has been trained to kill does not stand still for long. With a message sent to her from an unknown source she sets out to discover the meaning. She needs a team others like her who can’t sit still in a peaceful world. A new threat arises forcing humans to reach their limits and beyond but at what cost? Along with that we have Psylocke dealing with Braddock being her own person again both knowing they once shared mind and body to some degree. Tensions seem to be there but who has time to discuss something like that? The twist in this book really had me at the edge of my seat and the only thing holding me back was the art, everything comes off as stiff almost photoesque and leaves the action panels lacking and wanting more to be desired.

I give it 7 out of 10 Grahams

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