Extraordinary X-Men #8
Extraordinary X-Men #8, $5.50


(W) Jeff Lemire
(A/CA) Humberto Ramos

'APOCALYPSE WARS' STARTS NOW! Mutantkind is an endangered species once more. But what better way to ensure your people see the future…than to skip ahead right to it? As the mutant race's last hope is jettisoned into the time stream, the Extraordinary X-Men make a startling discovery: the fate of their kind is about to fall into the hands of one of their most formidable adversaries - the immortal APOCALYPSE. Now, the X-Men race into a perilous future, desperate to reclaim what was taken from them…and completely unaware of the horrors that await them. Rated T+
Date Available: 03/16/2016


This one was way more fun than expected, assuming you are in the camp that thinks that this particular well is dry, this barrel done been scraped. Jeff Lemire makes this Apocalypticopia seem slightly fresh, and the art by Ramos is serviceable enough for the smashy-hitty stuff. Unfortunately, the quieter moments in the book suffer because the characters look as if they're having a mild stroke. However, the last page of the main story will make even jaded fans giddy.

I give it 8 out of 10 Grahams

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