EC Comics Race Shock & Social Protest
EC Comics Race Shock & Social Protest, $29.95


(W) Qiana Whitted

Entertaining Comics Group (EC Comics) is perhaps best-known today for lurid horror comics like Tales from the Crypt, but during its 1950s heyday, EC was also an early innovator in another genre of comics: the so-called 'preachies,' socially conscious stories that boldly challenged the conservatism and conformity of Eisenhower-era America. EC Comics examines a selection of these works - sensationally-titled comics such as 'Hate!,' 'The Guilty!,' and 'Judgment Day!' - and explores how they grappled with the civil rights struggle, antisemitism, and other forms of prejudice in America.
Date Available: 04/10/2019
175 pages

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