Disney Snow White And Seven Dwarfs #2
Disney Snow White And Seven Dwarfs #2, $3.99


(W) Cecil Castellucci
(A/CA) Gabriele Bagnoli

Snow has fled after the Queen's attempt to murder her, but finding a home and allowing her heart to flourish is more than a simple feat. Is happiness fleeting, or can it be something that lasts? Follow the first-person perspective of Snow White as her life is changed forever!
Date Available: 07/17/2019

BONUS REVIEW by "Doc" Schaefer

Cecil Castellucci's story still stays true to the original movie and Gabriele Bagnoli's art is a total joy to see. The art falls somewhere between Disney animation and a mild form of anime which proves to be absolutely charming. This is definately a great way to introduce children into reading.

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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