Discipline #1
Discipline #1, $4.50


(W) Peter Milligan
(A/CA) Leandro Fernandez

Between fighting her sister and hating her husband, Melissa still finds time to fall in lust with a stranger who's an awful lot more than he seems. What appears to be a simple seduction is revealed as something much darker and more dangerous. This controversial and erotically-charged tale of sex, death, and metamorphosis begins with an explosion of carnality and weirdness.
Date Available: 03/02/2016


It's like...um...if David Cronenberg directed a movie called Fifty Shades of Rosemary's Baby. The story has a lot going for it, even this early, and the Risso-like art was great. However, much like Crossed, telling people that you really like this book may very well reveal a bit more than you'd like. Clearly, I have issues... ...tens of thousands of 'em at Madison Wisconsin's most well stocked back issue destination!

I give it 8 out of 10 Grahams

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