Detective Comics #1002
Detective Comics #1002, $3.99


(W) Peter J. Tomasi

(A/CA) Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy

Batman's first battle with the Arkham Knight was as brutal as they come…but things are about to get worse, as one of his most important allies jumps into the fray, and ends up in far over their head!
Date Available: 04/24/2019


The Arkham Knight story still seems like it could be either nifty of ill-advised. This issue however, makes me think it will be more of the former than the latter. The art is fairly fascinating, like a car crash with Walt Simonson, Bart Sears, and Frank Quietly smeared together on the papervement. Highly recommended for those who dislike Tom King, and those among you who managed to obtain every damn Riddler trophy.

I give it 8 out of 10 Grahams

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