Conan Chronicles Epic Collection Vol 2 Heart Yag-Kosha TPB
Conan Chronicles Epic Collection Vol 2 Heart Yag-Kosha TPB, Out of Stock


(W) Kurt Busiek & Various
(A) Cary Nord & Various
(CA) Tony Harris

Collecting Conan #20-39 (2004)

'The Tower of the Elephant' and other stories! Conan the Barbarian stars in more legendary tales filled with swords, sorcery, giant spiders and monstrous creatures - including stories adapted from the original works of Robert E. Howard! Stealing the priceless gem the Heart of the Elephant from an unguarded tower seems like child's play - but nothing's ever easy for Conan! Then, a dalliance with a magistrate's wife spells trouble, and Conan's adventures in the City of Thieves continue as he runs a gauntlet of threats both human and inhuman! But what grotesque horrors await him in the Hall of the Dead? And is anybody ready for Conan…the King? Plus: Tales of Conan's youth as he braves the Battle of Brita's Vale - and rides a wild Cimmerian bull! Parental Advisory

Date Available: 04/03/2019

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