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Comics Comics Quarterly #1
Comics Comics Quarterly #1, $4.99


(W) Patton Oswalt & Various
(A) Troy Nixey & Various
(CA) Troy Nixey, Carolyn Main

The comic-est anthology of 2018! Comedians love comic books, cartoonists love comedy, and our idiot editor used to mix up comics who tell jokes and comics that have pictures. Now his perpetual confusion has led to the creation of Comics Comics, a quarterly anthology teaming comedy's best with funny books' brightest! Headlined by Patton Oswalt (MST3K, Happy!), issue #1 features hilarious original stories from comedians Jackie Kashian (The Dork Forest), Sara Benincasa (Getting Wet with Sara Benincasa), Eliot Rahal (New Comic Book Day), and Rose Matafeo (Funny Girls), with art by Troy Nixey (Vinegar Teeth), Robert Hack (Chilling Adventure of Sabrina), Carolyn Main (Pitch, Please!), and more!
Date Available: 10/24/2018


This is a great anthology, with just one less than stellar story buried in the middle. The first two tales however, were worth the price of admission alone. Highly recommended for fans of moderately alternative comix, and anybody who was wondering if Evan Dorkin was still alive.

I give it 8 out of 10 Grahams

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