Champions Gn TPB We Still Need Heroes
Champions Gn TPB We Still Need Heroes, $12.99


(W) Mark Waid

(A/CA) Humberto Ramos

Because the world still needs heroes, they are…the Champions! In the wake of the second superhuman Civil War, the three youngest Avengers - Ms. Marvel, Nova and Spider-Man - quit the team and strike out on their own! With Viv Vision and the Totally Awesome Hulk by their side, these young heroes are determined to change the world their own way - and they're only the beginning! Their ideas quickly become their ideals, and soon the time-traveling young Cyclops joins their movement - but not all of his new teammates are glad to see him! Hopefully the Champions can sort out their differences in time to face down their new rivals, the Freelancers, and help overthrow Hydra's Secret Empire! Collecting CHAMPIONS (2016) #1-12. Rated T+
Date Available: 05/22/2019

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