Captain Universe Daredevil #1
Captain Universe Daredevil #1, $2.00


One man knows more about the Uni-Power than anyone on Earth but he's currently facing jail time! Matt Murdock's going to have a hard time mounting a defense when he has to contend with one of Marvel's nastiest secret organizations. And then there's the small matter of the amplified senses the Uni-Power has given him -- including sight!

Launching out of the pages of Amazing Fantasy, the Captain Universe event kicks into high gear right here! During times of great crisis, the Uni-Power has been known to grant people the spectacular powers of Captain Universe. But now, the Uni-Power is malfunctioning, and it needs the help of Bruce Banner to survive. But can the faltering Uni-Power contain the rage of the Hulk?
November 2nd 2005

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