Captain America #698
Captain America #698, $3.99


(W) Mark Waid
(A/CA) Chris Samnee

OUT OF TIME Part 1 THE STORYLINE LEADING TO THE MASSIVE ISSUE #700 KICKS OFF! Steve Rogers awakens to find himself in a strange new future - and it's his worst nightmare! Can he assemble a new band of Howling Commandos to help him battle for freedom? Rated T+
Date Available: 02/07/2018

BONUS REVIEW by Drake Robinson

Vibrant, kinetic, and resounding: Captain America is firing on all cylinders. Samnee is producing some of the best work of his life, and Waid feels totally at home with Steve Rogers. Have you simply wanted comics to be your favorite heroes battling villains? Trying against all odds to save the innocent? Having crazy adventures throughout time and space? This is the book for you. Truly dynamic, striking, and powerful art work back dropped against an interesting, slow burning plot. Books like this show Marvel firing on all cylinders, and I honestly cannot wait for more.

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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