Boys #66
Boys #66, $3.99


Covers: Darick Robertson
(W) Garth Ennis
(A) Russell Braun
(CA) Darick Robertson

The last Boys story begins with some very shady goings on in Moscow, as an old friend runs into some unexpected trouble. Butcher announces a promotion that doesn't please everybody, Annie makes a decision that horrified Hughie- and in the aftermath of last issue's super-carnage, Vought-American begin the struggle for survival. Part one of the six-part The Bloody Doors Off.

Date Available: 05/02/2012

BONUS REVIEW by Gary Owens

The end seems near, and Butcher appears to be picking up the pieces. But if history and Ennis has shown us, there rarely is a climatic ending, where the pieces all fit together and the bad guys lose and the good guys go on to fight another battle. In reality there are ramifications. After the massive showdown last issue (if you missed it, pick it up; it's what fans have been wanting for years), we start dealing with the aftermath: what will happen to Mother's Milk and his family? What'll happen to the Frenchie and The Female? And will Annie and Hughie be an item, again? And Butcher; what is his next step plans? The seemingly wrap-up is beginning, but Ennis is getting more sophisticated with endings, so who knows if this will really be a clean ending?

9 out of 10 Grahams

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