Books Of Magic TPB  Book 01
Books Of Magic TPB Book 01, $34.99


(W) John Ney Rieber
(A) Gary Amaro, Peter Gross
(CA) Charles Vess

Tim Hunter, destined to become Earth's greatest sorcerer, defends the realm of Faerie from the deadly manticore while trying to maintain a normal childhood. Is his real father the one-armed drunk in the front room, or is he the man who can turn into a hawk? Is his mother dead and buried, or is she Titania, Queen of Faerie? Plus, Death herself weighs in on the subject of identity. Collects a story from VERTIGO RAVE #1, BOOKS OF MAGIC #1-13 and ARCANA: THE BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #1. MATURE READERS
Date Available: 05/24/2017

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