Black Canary #1 vol 3
Black Canary #1 vol 3, $5.00


(W) Brendan Fletcher
(A/CA) Annie Wu

Dinah Lance hits the road! After years as a soldier and vigilante, the LAST place Dinah saw herself is on stage, but she's quickly learning she'd die to protect the gang of misfits she's fallen into. And she just might have to - for some reason, the newly rechristened band Black Canary seems to be a magnet for trouble, and Dinah's not gonna believe it when she finds out the reason why! Martial arts, super-spies, and rock 'n' roll combine, from Brenden Fletcher (BATGIRL) and Annie Wu (Hawkeye)!
Date Available: 06/17/2015

BONUS REVIEW by John "Doc" Schaefer

I can tell I'm getting old. The one time contender for the hottest woman in the DC Universe is now the lead singer of a band who just happens to beat the hell out of every audience they play for? And although I appreciate Annie Wu's angular art style, it has a hard time competing against versions done by Adam Hughes, Bruce Timm, and Carmine Infantino. Due to the fact that the storyline is done in an A.D.D. style with story elements appearing as snippets of articles, interviews, and flashback, I found it hard to focus. DC is definitely aiming for a younger audience with this book. You may not get it but your teenager kids will love it.

I give it 5 out of 10 Grahams

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