Batman Caped Crusader Vol 3 TPB
Batman Caped Crusader Vol 3 TPB, Out of Stock


(W) Mary Wolfman & Various
(A) Jim Aparo & Various
(CA) Norm Breyfogle

Collecting Batman #445-454 & Annual #14 and Detective Comics #615

This new collection of 1990s Batman stories takes the Dark Knight behind the Iron Curtain to battle the mysterious Demon. Then, the Penguin exploits a disfigured genius for his latest evil scheme, but Batman helps turn his tech skills to the side of good. And The Joker goes on a new killing spree-but is it really the Clown Prince of Crime, or is this a case of a copycat killer? Plus, the Riddler returns in the three-part story 'Dark Knight, Dark City.'

Date Available: 09/18/2019

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