Batman #54 (2016)
Batman #54 (2016), $3.99


(W) Tom King
(A/CA) Matt Wagner

Dick Grayson-the original Robin-gets to spend some quality time fighting crime with his mentor for the first time since Batman popped the question to Catwoman. It's a walk down memory lane as Bruce Wayne helps Dick get over the loss of his high-flying acrobat parents, which in turn led to his crime-fighting career. Guest artist Matt Wagner (Mage, TRINITY) jumps on board for this special issue!
Date Available: 09/05/2018


You probably know if you're a fan of Tom King's Batman by now. If you love Matt Wagner, but think Mr. King should be dragged by his nipples through broken glass, you may have a problem because you should look at this book. It's great Wagner Batman, and you only get it a few times a decade, if ever again. Highly recommended for fans of Condiment King, trophy rooms, and anybody that can ignore the internet every once in a while.

I give it 8 out of 10 Grahams

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