Ballistic #1 hero initiative
Ballistic #1 hero initiative, $10.00


(W) Adam Egypt Mortimer
(A/CA) Darick Robertson

Hero Initiative Exclusive
Limited To 500 Copies

Ballistic is Darick Robertson (Happy, The Boys, Transmetropolitan) and Adam Egypt Mortimer’s (director of Grant Morrison’s upcoming Sinatoro) madcap, psychedelic, transreal, utterly-wacko buddy adventure about Butch and his best friend Gun, a drug-addicted, genetically-modified, foul-mouthed firearm, as they attempt to elevate Butch from air conditioner repairman to master criminal in the twisted, post-eco-apocalyptic Repo City State, a reclaimed trash island built entirely from DNA-based, living technology with bad attitudes. Ballistic marks Darick Robertson’s return to the hard sci-fi worldbuilding of his classic Transmetropolitan but mixed with The Boys’ ultra-violence and the lunacy of Happy. Mortimer’s mix of speculative science, pulpy noire, and drug-addled adventure cooks up a strange brew of Lethal Weapon by way of Cronenberg meets Dr. Who if written by Odd Future.

This Hero Initiative variant features EXCLUSIVE cover art, and is limited to only 500 copies!

Date Available: 07/17/2013

BONUS REVIEW by Shanna (Berry) Wallace

Man, What a RIDE!! The worst part about this book is I have to wait another month to get another issue! Take Transmetropolitan, stir in some King City, throw in the Mob, a talking gun, flying cars, insane tech, and one awesome dude who’s really good at getting into trouble.

This is the most action-packed, fast-paced read you’ll have all year: it’s almost a video game in a comic! So much energy and so much humor, I laughed out loud the whole time! My favorite character: the talking gun that is the most destructible and most versatile weapon you’ll ever see.

Very adult (though maybe not very mature), and in keeping with Darick Robertson’s MO – a face splattering punch to kick it off! So cool I want to punch every other book that came out this week in the face.

I give it 10 out of 10 Grahams

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