Avengers #678
Avengers #678, $4.99


(W) Mark Waid & Various
(A) Pepe Larraz
(CA) Mark Brooks

NO SURRENDER Part 4 NOW ON SALE WEEKLY! The Avengers are caught in a game of cosmic proportions, but they don't know the rules - and one of them is about to pay the ultimate price! THE FIRST AVENGER FALLS! Rated T+
Date Available: 01/31/2018

BONUS REVIEW by Doc Schaefer

After the disastrous pause in the action to spotlight Quicksilver last issue, the battle continues onward. So while action fans can rejoice, the rest of us are left wondering. This issues story really highlights the fact that this version of the Avengers has no leadership, no focal characters for the other Avengers to rally behind, and no real direction. Without a Steve Rogers Captain America, or a Tony Stark Iron Man, or even a Donald Blake Thor to lead the charge, this overwhelming group of Avengers just go off to do whatever they see fit and face the disaster these decisions lead to. And what's worse is that the promised "first to fall" is left hanging and we get no definite death scene.

I give it 6 out of 10 Grahams

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