Archie #701 cover a
Archie #701 cover a, $3.99


(W) Nick Spencer
(A) Marguerite Sauvage, Jack Morelli
(CA) Marguerite Sauvage

Archie's in a relationship-and it's not with Betty OR Veronica. How will his two former loves (and the rest of the female population) deal with Archie being off the market? PLUS: Who is J.B. and why is he wreaking havoc on Riverdale?
Date Available: 01/02/2019


If the thought of an Archie comic with panels involving police tape and hidden Zodiac Killer rooms appeals to you, you should try to overcome what anti-Archie-Andrews-bias you might have. It's basically a 90210 episode (like a Peach Pit After Dark Episode featuring a very concerned Nat) mixed with a smattering of Charmed, Gossip Girl, and more 90210 (like when Dylan's dad blew up). It's like 902102020! Yeah, I know it's only 2019, but we're all just waiting for next year, right? I miss Y2K. Highly recommended for fans of teen soap opera fare in the vein of Kitty and Peter, Archie: Lord of the Riverdale, and anybody who wanted to see Donna Martin graduate.

I give it 8 out of 10 Grahams

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