Amazing Spider-Man Renew Vows Vol 1 Brawl In Family TPB
Amazing Spider-Man Renew Vows Vol 1 Brawl In Family TPB, $15.99


(W) Gerry Conway, variantious
(A) variantious
(CA) Ryan Stegman

The Parker clan web-slings and wall-crawls its way into your hearts! Life is good for husband and wife Peter Parker and Mary Jane: Their daughter, Annie, is their pride and joy, they're both working and (barely) making ends meet, they're keeping the streets of New York City safe from super villains - you know, normal, everyday stuff. Oh, did we mention MJ and Annie have super-powers just like Peter? Being Spider-Man just became a family affair! And when the Mole Man attacks NYC, only the sensational Spider-Family can stop him! After that, they'll just want a quiet night in - until Sandman crashes the party! But when Annie receives an invitation to attend Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, can Peter and MJ hand over their little girl to the X-Men? Collecting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS (2016) #1-5. Rated T
Date Available: 06/14/2017

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