Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 Coming Home TPB
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 Coming Home TPB, $15.99

by j. michael straczynski & john romita, jr. cover by j. scott campbell

Three things that turn Spider-Man's life upsidedown: Number 1, a mysterious stranger who calls himself Ezekiel tells Peter Parker that his "unique" powers might not be quite as special as he thought! Number 2, he's attacked by a vicious new monster that might just be the last villain he ever faces! Number 3, he gets a new job... as a highschool teacher! Whew! Which is worse? With the breathtaking visual assault of penciler John Romita Jr. and inker Scott Hanna, this collection opens a whole new chapter in the life of the world-famous web-slinger! Reprinting the critically-acclaimed and sold-out AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #30 - #35!

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