Amazing Fantasy #15 Facsimile Edition
Amazing Fantasy #15 Facsimile Edition, $3.99


(W) Stan Lee
(A) Steve Ditko
(CA) Jack Kirby

The landmark, industry-changing issue that introduced the Amazing Spider-Man! When high school wallflower Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider, his life is transformed - first for the better, then for the worse! With his new array of arachnid abilities - including speed, strength, agility and, thanks to his scientific know-how, spinning webs - Peter seeks fame as the costumed celebrity called Spider-Man! But his cavalier attitude soon comes back to haunt him, and shatter the lives of his beloved Uncle Ben and Aunt May! Peter Parker is about to learn a powerful lesson, one that has never been taught better than by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko: With great power there must also come great responsibility! It's one of the all-time great Marvel comic books, boldly re-presented in its original form, ads and all! Reprinting AMAZING FANTASY (1962) #15. All Ages
Date Available: 10/09/2019

BONUS REVIEW by Kevin Healy

This is the first appearance of Spider-Man, presented with the original adds and extras it had when originally published. It also contains three additional Lee/Ditko tales that will thrill and terrify. It's not too much to say that this is the best 3.99 you'll spend this week, and that if you are reading this you should be get it. It's as close to the real thing as most of us will ever get.

I give it 10 out of 10 Grahams

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