All New Wolverine #1 marquez variant cover
All New Wolverine #1 marquez variant cover, $15.00


(W) Tom Taylor
(A) David Lopez, David Navarrot

1:15 Variant Cover

LAURA KINNEY EMBRACES HER DESTINY. HERE! COMES! WOLVERINE! X-23 was created to be a weapon and for a time, that's all she was. But with the help of her mentor, LOGAN-the original WOLVERINE-she escaped that dark past. Tragically, Logan has fallen, but Laura will continue in his footsteps as a hero. Recent events have her doing everything in her power to keep those around her alive, as violent forces are hell-bent on mutual destruction. If anyone can stop them, it's Laura. She is the best there is at what she does. She is THE ALL-NEW WOLVERINE. Parental Advisory
Date Available: 11/11/2015

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