Aliens vs Predator Three World War #6
Aliens vs Predator Three World War #6, $6.00


Randy Stradley (W)
Rick Leonardi (P)
Mark Pennington (I)
Wes Dzioba (C)
and Raymond Swanland (Cover)

With the enemy Predator clan and their murderous legion of Alien war slaves ready to close the book once and for all on the alliance of Human and Predator, the Colonial Marines and ìHunterî Predators mount a desperate offensive behind enemy lines to unleash the one surprise element that could even the odds and win the day. But humans should never make the mistake that ìthe enemy of my enemyî can be counted on as a true friend, and with each Hunter packing a fissile self-destruct, could this courageous assault really be nothing more than a nuclear suicide mission?

Date Available: 09/15/2010

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