Action Comics #862
Action Comics #862, $4.50

Written by Geoff Johns Art by Gary Frank & Jonathan Sibal Cover by Frank

The penultimate chapter of "Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes!" Crushed by the Justice League of 3008 A.D., Superman and the Legion uncover the horrific secret behind the conspiracy against the Man of Steel. But with the League of Legion Rejects a step ahead of Superman's every move, who can finally turn the tide of the battle?

"The ‘Superman and the Legion Of Super-Heroes’ storyline barrels towards its conclusion, pulling in more and more characters each issue. This time out, it’s the Subs, who typically manage to be both stupid and heroic at the same time. Thankfully Geoff Johns hasn’t changed that too much, as evidenced by Stone Boy’s awesome introduction in this issue. He did change something though, dropping Color Kid in favor of Rainbow Girl. Her addition to the team mainly works as a way to subtly seed in some of his recent Green Lantern ideas into the larger DC cosmology. But, I read Green Lantern, so I don’t mind it. Your mileage may vary. With this fun and action-packed issue, Johns and team get their story back on track after a couple recent middling chapters. Hopefully they can keep up the pace for next issue’s conclusion. Or failing that, just pile on more obscure Legion references. Either way, I’m good."


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