Absolute Carnage #1 fourth print
Absolute Carnage #1 fourth print, $7.99


(W) Donny Cates
(A/CA) Ryan Stegman

After turning Venom's world upside down a year ago, DONNY CATES and RYAN STEGMAN are about to put the Sinister Symbiote through hell again, only this time CARNAGE has come calling, and everyone who's ever worn a symbiote is dead in his sights! He's skirted the periphery of the Marvel Universe for months, but Cletus Kasady at last stands poised to make his grand return to New York in a blistering 60-PAGE story… and he wants to paint the town red!
Date Available: 09/25/2019

BONUS REVIEW by Luis M Barajas

I know some of you have read my reviews on Venom related books and they have all been hyping up Absolute Carnage! Today is the day this is it! (Note to Everyone: If you did not pick up the FCBD Spider-Man book this year you will need it to fill in a gap!)
This book is huge and everything that happens keeps you on the edge of your seat, Stegman continues to provide great art for this book, and dare I say that I want Cates to write a Spider-Man book after reading this. Indeed I do!
Nothing is looking up for Eddie he is wanted for Murder which he did not commit! (Again ask us for the FCBD Spider-Man issue you will want it!) Traveling with his son Dylan everything goes sideways when CARNAGE shows up! Not only is he back, but he is stronger than ever! With no weaknesses that previously bogged down the symbiote, teaming up with the God Knull Carnage has become more of monster if that is even possible to fathom. The red runs deep in this issue who can be trusted and just how far down the rabbit hole does Carnage’s new pull have in the world around Venom. The interactions in this book are top notch and some of the best dialogue I have read between most of the characters but especially the wall crawler himself and Venom.
If you were hesitant because this is another Marvel event DON’T BE! This is dark and a ton of fun with more carnage to come. Get it because it’s Absolute Carnage sorry dad joke. But in all seriousness this is what we have been building up since Venom started by Cates. This is everything I have been wanting in a series starring my favorite things in the Marvel universe Symbiotes. Everyone should give this event a read, I swear on it!

I give it 10 out of 10 Grahams

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