Aardvark Comics #1
Aardvark Comics #1, Out of Stock


(W) Dave Sim, Sandeep Atwal
(A) Dave Sim, Gustave Dore
(CA) Dave Sim & Variantious

Comparing 'Origin of Origin' stories; real-world historical figure in Action #1 (plus 'stripped-cover returns'); 'Whatever Happened to Tex Thompson, Pep Morgan, Chuck Dawson and Scoop Scanlon?' plus the earliest Super-Cerebus online strips from July 2016, Lucifer repents?!? Goldman Sachs, get it? Super-Cerebus versus BatVariantk the Movie; British Petroleum executives; dirty sea shanties; Atari 2600 ET; Superhero Derangement Syndrome; Composite BatVariantk and more!
Date Available: 09/27/2017

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