20XX #1
20XX #1, $3.99


(W) Lauren Keely, Jonathan Luna
(A/CA) Jonathan Luna

SERIES PREMIERE From JONATHAN LUNA (ALEX + ADA, GIRLS, THE SWORD) and LAUREN KEELY, in her writing debut, comes an all-new ongoing series! This sci-fi thriller for mature readers imagines a not-so-distant future-a world of norms and syms, divided by fear. Syms, a small percentage of the population with telekinetic abilities, form gangs to survive. But division only breeds more division, and Mer and Nuon experience this firsthand as they become entangled in the often dramatic, sometimes violent, but always complex social landscape of sym gang rivalries in Anchorage, Alaska.
Date Available: 12/04/2019


An outstanding debut issue, this series postulates that the melting permafrost unleashes a virus that kills most people that contract it, unless you survive and receive psionic powers. Imagine Harbinger, various Al Gore warnings, and Cronenberg's Scanners in a car crash. Although not like Cronenberg's Crash, as that comic would just scare the straights. Highly recommended for those who appreciated Luna's work on The Sword, fans of grounded science fiction, and Darryl Revok.

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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