February 28, 2023 Articles

That saying did not originate lightheartedly: It was the horrified reaction of the reporter covering the routine landing of the zeppelin Hindenburg, which burst into flames and was destroyed. But today, I’m using it to describe the little human moments that stay with me long after I’ve forgotten The LAST FINAL SECRET HOUSE OF DARK WAR CRISIS, “where nothing will ever be the same” until the next time. Here are some of those moments that continue to stick with me once I’ve put down the book.

Marvel did it a lot more in the early sixties, but the one from that time that I really remember is a Flash/Green Lantern team-up where Hal and Barry were on vacation together, along with Iris and Carol. While on vacation they spent a page just talking together and a page was a lot back then. They just acted like human beings until a spaceship arrived.

Batman has a good share, simply because he has the least life focus as Bruce, so the moments stand out.

In the Sins of Youth series, all the Justice League are reduced to their childhoods. The only one who can still function is Batman. As Robin says to him, you never had a childhood.

In the Aftermath of Cataclysm, Batman and Nightwing talk about their lives. When Batman is asked if he thought Nightwing was good enough to be Batman, the response, “You’re better than me. I let the mask take over my identity.”

The most recent Batman moment for me is two issues long. Back when Batman was engaged to Catwoman, and she’s asking “Why haven’t you told HIM?” Meanwhile Lois is wondering why Clark hasn’t called Bruce. A lot of their thoughts about each other are brought up in the issue.

In the next issue they’re on a date at the Smallville Fair. It’s super-hero night, and no one’s allowed in unless costume, so the two switch. Just an enjoyable issue.

However, my favorite recent years moment is an oddity. In the AvX series Namor and the Thing are fighting. Unbeknownst to them, an alien has come to observe them as examples of the earthly beings. He can’t understand why they fight and with only one idea coming to his mind -a mating ritual, he asks once the fight is over whether they will copulate.

I think there’s a series here…to be continued?