How To Take Advantage Of The $1.50 Comic Sale! By Rick B

February 14, 2023 Articles

One of our must popular sales that’s been around for over 20 years.

Yet every time the sale rears it’s beautiful head, there is some confusion.

So here are some simple tips to maximize your spending so you can maximize your reading!

  • Newer Comics do not include the newest issue!
  • Newer Comics must be 30 days old.
  • Still confused because you also can’t remember what was for dinner last night???
  • Newer Comics must be from New Comics Shelves.
    • Every Graham Crackers Comics location has new comic book shelves that have NEW THIS WEEK and LAST WEEK RELEASE signs. These shelves hold the comic books on sale. Bagged and boarded books on a display wall? Or in back issue boxes? etc, are not on sale. Bagged & Boarded books are on sale in the summer!
  • Newer Comics do not include books already on hold.
    • Therefore, club books already on hold and books in our hold box? Not part of sale. Sorry them’s the rules.
  • The sale only works in store!
    • Hench the need for travel! Sorry, those far far away! Your sales happen at a different time online!
  • Are we already sold-out of your pick?
  • And above all else, take something home to read! Reading is fundamental!