Super Heroes in Love! by Nick L

February 7, 2023 Articles

Super heroes, they’re just like us, falling in and out of love all the time. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to celebrate some covers that have that touch of romance, or at the very least, some kissing on the cover.

Harley Quinn Valentines Day Special #1 Variant

The regular cover for this is fairly regular, but the variant cover stands out a bit more, recreating the infamous upside-down kiss from the first Spider-Man movie.  Batman looks not too pleased that Harley is expecting a kiss while he has her tied up.  A fun issue altogether, and an excellent addition to any variant collection.

Justice League #12 Jim Lee Variant

A particularly striking Jim Lee cover featuring the New 52 Superman and Wonder Woman in a passionate kiss.  It was kind of a big deal at the time, hooking up Superman and Wonder Woman, and this cover sold like hot cakes when released.  Still a pretty awesome cover.

Spider-Man #12 Sara Pichelli Cover

Once again, kind of an homage to the Spider-Man upside down kiss, however this time, they are both upside-down.  Once again, it was a huge deal that Miles and Spider-Gwen were seeming to be in a romance, and this cover is still quite sought after.  And with potential future romance in the animated movies, and perhaps even live action films down the line, this will continue to be a harder and harder to find issue to get your hands on.

DC Pride #1 Jen Bartel Variant

I basically get all Jen Bartel covers, and this is another one that knocks it out of the park.  With DC going ahead and finally saying that yes, Harley and Ivy are lovers, they got the extra spotlight treatment in this DC Pride celebration issue.  Would be an excellent Valentine’s Day gift, as it is just a really nice, beautiful cover of two characters clearly in love.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21

One of my absolute favorite covers of all time regardless, it makes for a perfect Valentine’s Day cover and/or gift.  Giant Sized Wedding Special between everyone’s favorite wall-crawler and his main squeeze, Mary Jane.  Gets an extra bonus as there are two versions, one with Pete in a nice tuxedo with Mary Jane, and all their loved ones gathered behind them, as well as one with Pete in his Spider-Man outfit with Mary Jane, and a line up of heroes and villains behind them getting ready to fight.  Why? Who knows, it just looks cool! The combo of both would make for an absolutely excellent Valentine’s Day gift for that special Spidey fan in your life.

There are of course many other covers that could have made this list, so keep an eye out next Valentine’s Day for another instalment of Valentine’s gimmick covers!