My Favorite Halloween Covers (A Post Halloween Tribute) by Nick L

November 1, 2022 Articles

I usually like to do an article highlighting my favorite gimmick covers through the years (hologram, foil, die-cut, etc.), so this month I have decided to focus on some of my favorite Halloween covers of all time.  Now I know what you are saying, “Halloween is over, what’s the deal with another Halloween article a week later?”  Well, Halloween is NEVER OVER!  So, with out further delay, here are my favorite Halloween covers:

Harley Quinn #30 (2016)

Just an awesome cover by Frank Cho.  Cho did several great Harley covers during this run, usually themed out to whatever holiday was going on that month, but this one was by far my favorite.  Riding the mallet as her broomstick, pure genius!


Batman Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Special

If you loved Batman Long Halloween but never checked this issue out, go ahead and fix that now and buy this book!  Plus, it checks off multiple gimmick boxes by being Halloween themed, as well as shiny and die-cut!  That rare combo of both incredibleness on the outside and the inside, this is an issue that needs to be in every collection.


Barbie #36

Hey, remember that Barbie series that Marvel put out in the early 90’s? Of course, you don’t!  It somehow ran 55 issues, with actually many pretty striking covers.  But one of my favorites was for sure issue #36 with this very fun trick or treating cover.  Got to love Barbie in a Halloween sweater handing out treats to a witch, a clown, and Spider-Man!  If you can find this issue, I would definitely pick it up!


Marvel Zombies Halloween One-Shot

Speaking of trick or treating, what would you do if you opened your door to a zombie-fied Daredevil, Black Panther, and Luke Cage, complete with Halloween pails filled with brains (gotta save some for later)?  Artist Francavilla has no shortage of creepy covers in his repertoire, but this one gets some extra points for whimsy. Just an all-around great cover.


Catwoman #35

Catwoman pouring her pilfered jewels out of a Halloween bucket?  Gold! Josh Middleton had to know he had a winner when he finished this one.  I also love the minimal color job of just black and orange shades.  Little devil on her shoulder is also a gleefully wicked touch. Another cover that has started to be a little harder to find, I would suggest grabbing this anytime you come across it.  Who doesn’t love theme covers!?!