My First Comic by David B.

September 27, 2022 Articles

My first comic, Fantastic Four A Death in the Family (One-Shot), was a strange one. Instead of containing only one story it contained three different stories of varying tones. The first was a serious story about helping others even if it hurts you, the second is a story of strange comic nonsense involving a reality warping toddler, while the third and last is a Dennis the Menace esc story meant to be cartoon-ish and funny.

In my personal opinion this is a great starter comic due to the fact that all the stories are self-contained and requires no prior knowledge, a trait that can be hard to find in other comics. Another great aspect is the fact that all three of the stories are very representative of the tones comics tend to have allowing you to see if any of these types of stories interest you. Lastly, my favorite part is that these stories try to teach a great lesson so that even if you forget about this book the things and topics it covers will stick with you.