What to do after Free Comic Book Day by Rick Berg

May 10, 2022 Articles

So now you have your free Free Comic Book Day books! What’s next?

Please, please read them (or have them read to you). Shocking, right.

Not everyone seems to understand but comic books were and are designed to be read. They are a form of consumable entertainment.

From great to terrible all comic books try to tell a story, or at the very least part of a story.  So, step number one is the read that story!

OK good. The fun part just happened for most of you. I hope you picked a winner! Now comes the just barely harder part…

You need to decide whether of not you liked what you just read. Was the artwork pleasing to your eye? Did you really like the twist ending? Did that one panel move some deep part of your soul? Did you gasp at that cliffhanger? Search your feelings? It is OK, you can do this.

Now, you have some inkling to as to how much enjoyment you got from that comic book.

If any part of it was something you liked experiencing? Take a mental note! Take a picture with your phone! Gasp! Grab a piece of blank whatever and carve symbols on to it.

Biggest step! RETURN to you friendly Graham Crackers Comics location!

With that information! Of course. (It is extremely hard with nearly 100 years of comic books in existence to figure out which version of, “Do you have that issue where the guy in blue tries to do the thing with his powers?”) And tell your favorite or soon to be favorite clerk what you liked about your comics and that you want more of that.

100% of our clerks will immediately try to help you find something to continue your enjoyment. 83% of them will be able to go, “Oh you liked the Rutabaga Man by Ron McLeeSon? Well, here are more books by Ron McLeeSon! And here are our Rutabaga Man back issues, trade paperbacks etc!” And even if that particular location does not have anything that sparks your fancy… we have 11 other stores and a website that will.

So stop reading this and get back to your comics!