FCBD Survival/Preparedness Guide by John Elle

April 26, 2022 Articles

It’s that long awaited (and now back to its regularly scheduled bat day and time) of the year.  It’s kinda like Christmas…or maybe Easter. It’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!  Now back to its regular day the First Saturday of May (May 7th this year).

How it works:  Simply stop in at any of our stores and head to the FCBD display.  You can choose up to 3 different books per person from the display.  Please read along to learn how to maximize your trip/day out at the shops!

1.  Familiarize yourself with the books available.
Every year features new titles available as well as any from previous years (depending on available stock).  We update our Free Comic Book Day page on grahamcrackers.com every year (https://www.grahamcrackers.com/free-comic-book-day.html) with all the new product coming in.  Familiarizing yourself with what is available will help you get an idea of what we will have available.
You can also place orders for mail order following the limit 3 FCBD issues as well, just be advised this is for mail order only and store pickup will not be available for FCBD.

2. Plan your route.
Many people use FCBD to check out many of our different locations to get the best out of each day.  If there is a store of ours you have been meaning to check out for years, this is a great day to do so.  Stores are open regular hours, so if you plan on hitting multiples, check our store page to plan out your route.  For example, if you plan on hitting the suburban stores a route from north to south would be St Charles, Wheaton, Downers Grove, Naperville and Plainfield.  Make sure to pack plenty of snacks and drinks for the kids!
Masks:  Mask Policy is different from store to store. Most are Masks Optional at this point, but due to potentially large crowds we recommend carrying one with you just in case!

3. Get an additional 3 books!
Only 3 books you say? Yes, however if you would like to double your books, While you are at the display table leave us a review for the shop on Google!  Positive reviews are always a plus and help us out greatly.  Plus you get 3 additional books on top of it!  If you need help with leaving the review just ask any of the employees on hand and they can walk you through the process.

4.  Get into the spirit!
There are many ways to get yourself pumped for Free Comic Book Day.  Watch some movies or old animated series the night before!  Complete that cosplay you’ve been saying you would do the last few years!  Play soundtracks for your favorite Super-hero films on your car ride! Come to the shop in costume!   There are uncountable ways to hype yourself up for the day and make things fun for everyone!

5.  Browse around!
If you are visiting another location (or even your own store), take some time to browse around and check out some areas you don’t usually check out.  All of our stores are constantly receiving in new product that we may not have had on a previous visit, or one may have an elusive Trade Paperback you have been looking for but have been too shy to ask for as a Special Order.  We are here to help you track stuff down and we offer transfers at all of our locations.

You may be asking “But Johnny, What If I can’t make it if for Free Comic Book Day?”
I am glad you asked!  We hold onto any leftovers and they are available on request if the store has it in stock (and we can also check our other locations as well). Unfortunately they are only free on Free Comic Book Day, but will run you $2 afterwards.  Also after FCBD, the books are available online as well!  That handy link I provided at the top of the page? You can use that to pick up any you may have missed!

So FCBD is just a few short days away.  Hopefully this helped you get an idea for a fun day out with friends or family!  Join us on one of our most anticipated days of the year!  Have a safe and happy Free Comic Book Day! See you on the 7th!